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Welcome to the humble abode of the Introspective Owl. Here I display my writings, drawings, and other artistic endeavors. In the top menu you’ll find the menu of different pieces I’ve posted. To give you a small tour:

MY BLOG is where I post updates on website maintenance, philosophical musings, or anything else that catches my fancy, but does not fit into the category of fictional writing.

POETRY is where I have put the poetry I have written and collected over the years, from sonnets to villanelles, and will continue to update as I write more.

FICTION contains short works such as novellas (more than 15 pages long), short stories (several pages long), and vignettes (less than 2 pages long). Where novellas generally cover an entire story in a more concise manner than a full-length novel, short stories consist of one relatively minor incident with beginning and end, and a vignette describes but a moment in time.

CHAPTERS is the section in which I will post the ongoing episodes of my longer works that I have not yet completed.

ESSAYS is a collection of my academic as well as creative papers.

ARTWORK encompasses my completed drawings or better doodles, ranging from Japanese manga style to semi-realistic.

OTHER is a category for any miscellaneous art that I create, such as animated music videos (AMVs), songs, or musical compositions.

CONTACT ME gives you the option of sending me a personal message that will be forwarded to my e-mail.

Thanks for reading / viewing, and don’t forget to comment!

Yours, Owl.

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  1. I won’t attempt a rigorous appraisal of the form and structure of any of your works, since I don’t have the acumen for it. Instead I will provide some commentary on assorted topics.

    A trinket-like admonition for writing persuasively; anticipate every counterargument and knock them over. Cover every square inch of the wall with paint, so to speak. It is possible to overdo this though, so take a calculated approach when deciding to confront counterarguments.

    “Of Machiavellian Pragmatism” takes an apologetic line and even an expository one for those who have received Machiavelli’s ideas with a flawed understanding. The citations and direct quotations allow for the man to speak for himself as much as possible until clarity becomes an issue. From there you provided your own exegesis. We’re telling people what Machiavelli said and not what we thought he wanted to say or anything like that.

    Poetic metaphors have a recursive relationship to thoughts and ideas. You have a metaphor and it takes you through the repository of thought and experience further and further back incrementally until you reach the electrical signals of the CNS itself. Don’t ask me to prove that!

    I’ll break from my stated intention in the beginning. Your poems seem to follow immaculate form. That leaps out at me like a panorama. Very impressive. “Ma Jumelle, Te Amo” has the simplicity of diction that I prefer over verbosity. Even still, it can afford some well-placed verbose language and still remain a joy to read.

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